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Meet the leadership team

Michelle Baldwin.jpg

Michelle Baldwin

Michelle has been in her role as Executive Director of Pillar Nonprofit Network for 14 years where she founded and collaborated to create Innovation Works, a shared space for social innovators and VERGE Capital, a social finance program for Southwestern Ontario.

Michelle believes in an inclusive economy for all and that cross sector collaboration and the collective power of networks are the pathways to this change and transformation. For us to truly address the racism,colonization and inequalities in our communities we need an equitable financial future for all.

Michelle Quintyn.jpg

Michelle Quintyn


Sara Middleton

Sara Middleton is director, Community Impact at United Way Elgin Middlesex. She is a graduate of Maytree Policy School and has a Hons BA Recreation & Leisure Studies Co-op (Business, Parks) from University of Waterloo. 

London Inclusive Economy is bringing together partners from the non-profit, private and public sectors to address challenges facing our community by thinking and working differently. We are identifying ways to use our community’s existing assets to create new opportunities for growth and prosperity, especially for people disproportionately impacted by systemic barriers.

Michelle Quintyn has served as President and CEO of Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes since 2005 guiding the organization to $47 million in social enterprise revenue and 900 employees, while helping to propel thousands of individuals to overcome barriers, acquire skills and enter the labour market. She led the redevelopment of Covent Garden Market; opening on budget and fully occupied in 1999 when the London Free Press headline declared ‘Civic Project Gone Right’. As founding Executive Director of University Hospital Foundation, she initiated one of the first full-scale hospital development programs in Canada in 1986 leading a volunteer core to raise more than $100 million. 

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Terry Off

Terry Off, CPA,CA, is the Chair of the Community Ownership Collaborative. A long term resident of London Terry spent the bulk of his career in the building materials manufacturing sector serving in senior leadership positions with both private and public companies based in Canada and the US. After long service in private industry Terry shifted to NFP Social Enterprise and spent the nine years before his retirement as CFO of Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes.

The idea that corporations need to take on a greater sense of social and environmental responsibility and allow for a more equitable distribution of wealth has become entered mainstream thinking. While this plays out on the larger stage the concept of converting smaller local companies to a more inclusive form of  ownership by way of employee or community ownership has been gaining increasing acceptance as a succession alternative.


Luis Patricio

Luis Patricio has been involved with different social and environmental initiatives since 2007 working with nonprofits, government, academic and private institutions. His most recent projects include localizing the SDGs and promoting business transitions into community ownership models. Luis holds a M.A. in Urban Management and a B.S. in Computer Science. 


The multiple crises we are facing tell us we need to change our relationship with others and with the environment. Inclusive Economy London is a platform that creates practical ways to do that.

2019 Andre.jpg

André Vashist

André Pawan Vashist is committed to shifting dynamics of power, equity and inclusion by transforming organizations and collaborations into networks and ecosystems.


As an ecosystem facilitator of multi-stakeholder collaborations that nurture reconciliation, regeneration and resilience, he manages complex social innovations between government, academic, business, finance and nonprofit sectors. 


Nothing about us, without us - is a phrase taught to ensure we provide equitable access to self-determination.  In that spirit, the Inclusive Economy London network seeks to rebalance power and redistribute wealth within our local economy.  A growing coalition of London's largest and influential organizations are preparing to launch new business practices to influence leaders and institutions towards a just recovery.

mike courey.jpg

Michael Courey

Michael Courey is director of the London Poverty Research Centre. Mike oversees the day to day functions from arranging communications, coordinating research projects, knowledge mobilization, and strategic partnerships. Mike is passionate about bridging the space between academia and community organizing for social change. Holding a PhD in Sociology, he specializes in the area's of urban sociology, community organizing, critical criminology, and program evaluation. Mike has been active across several London community organizations including sitting on the Community Advisory Council of the London InterCommunity Health Centre, serving on the board of Glen Carin Neighbourhood Resource Centre, and actively contributing to the Old East Village Community Association.

Members of our ecosystem who have helped shape our approach:

Libro Credit Union, Lerners Law Firm, Ontario Cooperative Association, St. Joseph Health Centre, London Health Sciences Centre, Impact Consulting, Reimar Group, Over 55 London, VERGE Capital, London Economic Development Corporation, King’s University College, Western University, London District Catholic School Board, Employment Sector Council, London Community Foundation, London Food Bank, London Environmental Network, Centre for Environment and Sustainability - Western University, Legacy Leadership Lab - University of Waterloo, Project Equity, Democracy Collaborative, City of London, London Middlesex Community Housing, ATN Access, London Community Foundation, Atkinson Foundation.

This project is made possible by the Atkinson Foundation.

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