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Building a community benefits culture

A new report from London and region's community benefits action table outlines how community benefits agreements are a win-win proposition.

The Inclusive Economy London & Region’s Community Benefits Action Table has been working to create, support, and mobilize opportunities for community benefits in London since early 2020.

Community benefits agreements are an important tool to increase the social and economic impact of infrastructure, development, and procurement spending—creating opportunities for poverty reduction, targeted employment programs, and local economic resilience.

This report outlines the background on community benefits approaches and the work undertaken to date by the Inclusive Economy London Community Benefits Action Table.

It also provides an overview of our most recently held community conversations, including the feedback from the stakeholders about what next steps should be taken.

The intended result of this report is to clarify how the community benefits approach is being discussed in London and to encourage stakeholders to come together around a common vision and next steps.

Below is a downloadable version of the report.

Building a Culture of Community Benefits in London 2021
Download PDF • 2.05MB


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