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The benefits of employee ownership

The Community Ownership Collaborative asked Project Equity about the benefits of businesses converting to employee ownership.

Anna-Lisa Miller, from Project Equity in the U.S., helps companies transition to employee-owned companies to support successful conversions—particularly harnessing the silver tsunami of boomer-owned retirements.

Project Equity helps businesses transition to employee-owned models—including ESOPS, a retirement plan whereby a trust owns part or all of the company on behalf of employees. There are more than 6,000 ESOPS in the U.S. "This is an emerging and growing space," Miller says.

Why is an employee-owned business model beneficial?

Proven recession resilience: Employee-owned companies weather recessions better and bounce back faster.

Profitable: Employee-owned companies create stronger locally owned businesses and have higher profit margins compared to peers. Sales and employment growth is faster than otherwise expected following the transition to employee-owned enterprises.

Decent work: Employee-owned companies lead to better wages and fewer layoffs.


Download Anna-Lisa Miller's full powerpoint presentation.

Project Equity Anna-Lisa Miller Oct29
Download PD • 2.31MB


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